Gun Safety Course - required before shooting on the Main Range

This course is taught by highly trained Gun Range Officers. This course teaches how to safely handle fire arms and how to properly store firearms and ammunition in the home.

All patrons are required to take a 30 minute Safety Course before shooting on the Main Range.

Safety Courses are offered every day, every hour on the hour. The first class is offered one hour after opening and the last class is offered one hour before closing.

  Every Day/Every Hour

  30 Minutes

    Free with $8 Card Purchase


 Upon completion of the Safety Course, patrons will receive a Trail Glade Range card which is valid for three years.

 After three years, patrons must renew their card by retaking the Safety Course.

 The Trail Glades safety card must be shown at all times when purchasing range time and when entering the Main Range.

 If the safety card is lost, patrons will be charged $8 for a replacement card.